Domain Name and Website Hosting on Windows Server in the U.K.

Our all-inclusive service packages take care of your domain name(s); whether you have to register a new domain name, migrate it or just changing of DNS, we will deal with all these technical bits for you.

Website can have a single page or hundreds but it require a fast hosting server to process client queries rapidly. When doing business with Econnective's Webmaster, we include hosting space in the package you wish to buy for 12 months, a low yearly hosting fee applied thereafter.

A website which require to have contents updated regularly needs a database, we host such websites alongwith database on fast UK server. These dynamic websites are backed by MySQL and MS SQL Server.



Without taking first step it is impossible to get to success.

There is no such thing like a good design or bad design, a website with a flat page can be a source of income in millions and a website with tens of pages can be nothing but just waste of time. Our talented design team feel very exicted about taking you to this remarkable step towards your success and help you with ideas and concept.


Development of a website is nothing but just writing lines of funny codes.

It sounds boring when you talk about the number of codes in thousands, but actually development of a project requires complete and true understanding of outcome of the whole process like a jigsaw; our team keep this process excited, we use object oriented development technique which shapes the jigsaw into a sensible software programme.

We have customised projects ready to be installed on trial duration of 30 days.

  • Auction application
  • eCommerce
  • Affiliate System
  • Call Tracking System
  • Newsletter System
  • Invoice System


A good website always update its contents from time to time

We recommend to update contents of your Flat Website according to any occasion and events happening in your organisation to make it look alive. We help you maintain such websites.



Once your website is ready we will upload it to web servers for public access.


We will do basic Search Engine Optimisation of your website free, however it is a on going process which require to be done within specific time duration to get your website on the first page of major search engines.


Website submission on major search engines and on-line directories, depending on your budget we promote your business on various search engines and directories


We create and update Social Media pages, depending on your budget we promote your business on a number of social media


Website Hosting with MySQL and SQL Server Database

Fast UK hosting server, we design database structure and host database websites.

Even if a project is different by a millimeter it makes it unique, our experts design database structures using data normlisation which helps object oriented program codes to process client query rapidly. We also develop customised Contents Management Systems (CMS) for managers, supervisors, field personnel and company's clients, to help update any data and pictures, such Information Systems (IS) are securely managed by login id and passwords. Ideal for on-line training, service centres, customer support and schools or other educational institutions.

Database website hosting comes free under a package you buy for 12 months, additional yearly fee apply thereafter. We also include: